Yantai Laishan Waterworks

Yantai Laishan Water Plant (the first UF+RO double-membrane water plant in China)
Construction time: May 2013
Daily processing volume: 110,000 tons/day
Processing technology: UF ultrafiltration + RO reverse osmosis + UV ultraviolet
Sedum film group: 8 sets / 120 UF; 10 sets / 22 RO
Background of the project: Yantai Laishan Waterworks was built in 2013. It is the first waterworks in China to use both ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis. Combined with ultraviolet sterilization process, the effluent can reach the standard of direct drinking. The membrane column of this project is provided by Meineng Company. Our company designs and manufactures the membrane group and assembles it. It uses stainless steel, UPVC pipe and other materials to ensure that the source water and the factory water are free of impurities and provide safe and secure drinking water for the public. Layer check.

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