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Brand Concept

In terms of brand concept, Sedum Environmental Technology is market-oriented, with R&D as the core, and adopts dual-core-driven brand thinking and organizational structure to strengthen the decision-making support ability of the market system for customer service, strategic direction and resource planning.
The steady development of more than ten years since its establishment shows that the dual-core drive adopted by Sedum Environmental Technology is successful and efficient.
Sedum Environmental Technology knows that the core value chain of a brand is the most important soul of a brand and the premise for good communication between the brand and its customers.
For Sedum Environmental Technology, the brand's core value chain includes the brand's core value, brand positioning, and brand value proposition.


Brand Positioning: Who is Sedum?

As an expert in the manufacture of clean energy and water treatment equipment, and as a high-tech enterprise with core technologies in integrated water treatment equipment, Sedum Environmental Technology certainly knows who it is and its core positioning, which is "clean energy and water." Leader in Handling Equipment".

With integration, intelligence and modularization as the core, Sedum Environmental Technology's integrated containerized water treatment equipment, miniaturized emergency water treatment equipment, welding-free new composite MBR membrane frame and other products are all recognized as high-tech products .

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    The integrated technology of Sedum Environmental Technology,
    Where is the advantage?

    The core value of each brand lies in showing its unique advantages to customers and its internal strength in creating value. What are the advantages of Sedum Environmental Technology's clean energy and integrated water treatment equipment? The advantages lie in modular design, high degree of integration, convenient movement, quick installation, space saving and strong adaptability.

    Even if you need a mobile device or product for some reason, it's easy.

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    Sedum's brand value proposition

    From the advantages of Sedum Environmental Technology's environmental equipment and clean energy products, what Sedum brings to customers is more durable, better-used, smarter, more efficient and more economical water treatment equipment. Therefore, wholeheartedly, creating a better new experience for customers and letting customers feel the charm of technological innovation is exactly the brand value proposition of Sedum.

    Therefore, Sedum Environmental Technology brings innovation power to customers and understands customers better; innovation value is better.

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