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Guangdong Skyview Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise that develops, designs, manufactures and sells environmental equipment and clean energy products.

The company's main products include integrated water treatment equipment, membrane modules, emergency water equipment, seawater desalination equipment, intelligent aquaculture equipment, intelligent mobile toilets and smart home water systems and other environmental equipment products, as well as new energy energy storage systems, charging equipment, and solar power generation systems. , solar photovoltaic modules and other new energy products,Committed to providing world-class clean energy full life cycle solutions.

  • Has three R&D and production bases in Jiujiang, Foshan, Xinxing, Yunfu, and Nanning, Guangxi



    R&D and production bases

  • Founded in 2012,
    10 years of industry experience



    Industry experience

  • Skyview has obtained 5 invention patents and 22 utility model patents authorized by the state


    more than

    National Patent

  • 30,000 square meters of modern production base and strong R & D center


    Modern production base

Products & Services

Skyview Environmental Technology provides various water treatment equipment and technical services with leading technology

Six Core Advantages of Skyview Environmental Technology

As a leading integrated water treatment equipment manufacturer in China, Skyview has significant advantages

  • 01

    National High-Tech Enterprise

    Strong strength

    As a national high-tech enterprise, Skyview Environment has strong scientific and technological strength. It drives the development of the enterprise with the two wings of technology and market, and has formed a strong enterprise strength over the years.

  • 02

    Strong technological innovation ability

    Many achievements

    Skyview has a strong scientific and technological innovation strength, and has obtained 5 national invention patents and dozens of utility model patents;The technical research and development work is led by specially-appointed experts, who are persistently committed to process technology research and development and equipment innovation.

  • 03

    High quality as ever

    well received

    Skyview Environmental Technology believes that quality is the beautiful business card of brands and products. In terms of ensuring the high quality of products, Sedum people keep improving, and strive to make every project a high-quality project.

  • 04

    Integrated, modular, intelligent, movable

    Emergency water treatment equipment

    The integrated equipment manufactured by Sedum Environmental Technology has the advantages of small specific area, low investment cost, flexible planning, convenient installation, high degree of automation and simple maintenance.

  • 05

    one-stop supply

    The product is very cost-effective

    Skyview Environmental Technology always thinks about customers. On the premise of fully meeting the requirements of project technical indicators, through accurate cost control system, it provides customers with cost-effective products and saves every penny for customers.

  • 06

    Five-star after-sales service system

    babysitting service

    Skyview Environmental Technology has built a five-star after-sales service system, dedicated to providing customers with fast, thoughtful, meticulous, comprehensive and high-level services.


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Industry Application

  • Municipal sewage/domestic sewage

    Domestic sewage is the main source of pollution after industrial wastewater. In the daily life of human beings, a large amount of domestic sewage is produced every day, mainly feces and washing sewage, which are high in nitrogen, sulfur and phosphorus. Under the action of anaerobic bacteria, odorous substances are easily generated.

  • Food and Drinking Water Industry

    Most drinking water companies have their own standards regarding the level of water purity required to produce soft drinks. Our extensive background in providing water treatment in the food and drinking water industries allows us to understand the specific needs of our customers.

  • Industrial waste

    Industrial wastewater pollution has caused great harm to human health. On average, 5,000 children in the world die every day from drinking unclean water, about 170 million people drink water contaminated by organic matter, and 300 million urban residents face water pollution.

  • Agriculture water

    The importance of agricultural water cannot be underestimated, as it is a resource that drives food growth. But agriculture remains our biggest consumer of water, and the reality of dwindling water is something the world continues to largely ignore.

  • Aquaculture

    With the rapid development of animal husbandry, the pollution of aquaculture sewage is intensifying, and its pollution prevention and control is imminent. The integrated aquaculture sewage treatment equipment is a treatment equipment that collects the sewage generated daily by the farm and passes it into the integrated equipment for treatment through several treatment processes.

Project case

Skyview Dynamic


Skyview water treatment equipment is exported to Europe, America, the Middle East, Africa and Southeast Asia, and has a certain brand awareness around the world.

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