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The donation ceremony of Guangxi Academy of Environmental Sciences


On July 30, the donation ceremony of Guangdong Jingtian Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. donating "integrated laboratory sewage treatment equipment" to Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Environmental Protection Research Institute was held at the Academy of Environmental Sciences. Chairman of the company and caring entrepreneur Huang Chu was invited to attend.

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Invited to receive the award

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This set of equipment adopts the process technology of "chemical pretreatment + combined disinfection + AO biochemical + MBR + NF", which effectively solves the complex laboratory wastewater discharge problem of the Academy of Environmental Sciences The practice of the development concept of "more beautiful, cloudless sky and bluer sky".

Integrated laboratory sewage treatment equipment

In the future, we will continue to uphold our original intention, maintain our love and sense of responsibility for environmental protection, in-depth research on water purification technology, bring more high-quality products, and continue to give back to the society with practical actions, and assume more social environmental protection responsibilities.

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