Technological innovation

custom design

Sedum Environmental Technology believes that an excellent brand not only means superb technology and outstanding quality, but also considerate and meticulous service and trustworthy project response capabilities.

  • Personalization

    Backed by strong technical strength, advanced production equipment, professional personnel and perfect service system, Jingtian Environmental Technology provides every customer with systematic and personalized services from consultation to service, from design to construction.

  • Flexible design

    Facing the different requirements of customers in different projects, Sedum Environmental Technology provides flexible customized integrated water treatment systems and membrane modules, which can be designed and manufactured according to the actual needs of customer projects. Customers only need to put forward specific and clear requirements, and the engineers of Sedum Environmental Technology with more than ten years of experience can quickly complete the drawing design and solution design according to the specific requirements of customers.

During the project design stage, the information required from the client usually includes:

  • 01

    Daily water production requirements

  • 02

    Influent water quality

  • 03

    Water quality requirements

  • 04

    System and electronic control requirements for water treatment

  • 05

    Delivery cycle and supporting service content

Combined with customer requirements and the detection of water sources provided by customers, Sedum Environmental Technology can effectively ensure the scientificity and accuracy of system design, so that customers can obtain the most economical, feasible and most feasible technical solutions for water treatment goals. .

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