Technological innovation

Technical team

Sedum Environmental Technology has strong technical force,
The technical team consists of a number of senior environmental engineering professionals.
The R&D department is led by specially-appointed experts.
Committed to process technology research and development and equipment innovation.

  • Through the promotion of specialized projects at different levels, with both depth and breadth, and through continuous technical precipitation and accumulation of project operation experience, Sedum Environmental Technology has formed a technology with complete expertise, unified standards, strong adaptability and strong execution. team.

  • Sedum Environmental Technology's technical team, through close cooperation with the design department, marketing department and project construction team, ensures that every cooperation with customers can obtain high-quality, high-reliability, and high-rigorous technical support. The large number of patented technologies owned by the technology can make our cooperation with customers at the forefront of industry technology.

  • In terms of research and development, the research and development team of Sedum Environmental Technology takes water treatment process upgrade and equipment improvement, water environment pollution control and comprehensive restoration, and integrated, movable and intelligent equipment as the research direction, and gradually formed a clear direction, accurate content, A R&D team with successive achievements and the characteristics of Sedum Environmental Technology.

  • Sedum Environmental Technology's R&D team is equipped with an experimental platform with complete equipment, appliances and tools, and has established long-term and stable cooperative relations with Tianjin University in China, Technoplan Co., Ltd. in Japan and other institutions. Development provides a strong backing.

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