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Remote Service
1.1 Internet+

In 2018, Guangdong Jingtian Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. and China Unicom Foshan Branch joined forces to become strategic partners. Use the Internet + to promote the environmental protection industry to the era of big data!
1.2 Remote service platform

Sedum remote service platform is a combination of software and hardware, multi-functional modules and mobile office APP, which can meet the needs of water quality monitoring, maintenance warning, data storage, operation monitoring, security defense, fault feedback, remote operation and maintenance, etc. It can realize the automatic operation and unattended operation of the water treatment station.
Water source detection can be provided to ensure the scientificity and accuracy of the system calculation;
Can provide technical services for industrial wastewater treatment, including wastewater equipment production, engineering installation, engineering commissioning services;
Can provide reclaimed water reuse engineering design, manufacturing equipment, installation and commissioning and training services;

1.3 Real-time system monitoring

Gaining insight into how your equipment systems are working today and how they will perform in the future, we provide secure and private remote monitoring with fast and reliable access to your system performance anytime, anywhere on any communication device. Real-time configuration, the operation is simple and easy to understand; the configuration controls are rich, and the same screen can be viewed by multiple logins after configuration. You can customize alarm levels and alarm templates, and push them by grade. Support multi-terminal push such as computer terminal, app push, SMS and so on.

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