Technological innovation

Smart Manufacturing

With the advent of the era of Industry 4.0, systematization, digitization, intelligence, and dataization have become the general direction of China's manufacturing industry transformation. Sedum Environmental Technology's intelligent manufacturing system deeply integrates new technologies such as the Internet, cloud computing and big data with product production management to achieve innovative changes in production models, and can provide customers with factory visualization and remote operation and maintenance solutions.

In line with the world's first-class enterprises, Sedum Environmental Technology has carried out a series of process introduction and management changes, and has made continuous improvements in R&D management, marketing management, quality management, logistics management, financial management, and supply chain management. Class of successful practical experience, the establishment and continuous improvement of modern enterprise management system.

Leading equipment and strict control

The advent of each set of equipment of Sedum Environmental Technology originates from the huge, scientific and precise modern production control system. Sedum Environmental Technology has always adhered to the principle of reliability first, established a strict R&D and quality control system, and passed ISO9001 certification, ISO45001 certification and ISO14000 certification successively. Through the implementation of advanced 6S management, end-to-end quality control has been achieved from material to production, from production to quality inspection, from customer service to delivery.

Sedum Environmental Technology has a production workshop of 30,000 square meters. Through the use of high-precision, automated and intelligent processing equipment, high-end manufacturing has become the basic guarantee of high quality. On the road to realize large-scale and flexible production, Sedum Environment has always adhered to the standardized manufacturing of the whole process, so that the quality is stable and consistent. Each set of equipment will undergo rigorous reliability testing and environmental testing, and will only be delivered after fully meeting performance and quality requirements.

Driven by innovation, continue to enhance intelligent manufacturing capabilities

Facing the future, Sedum Environmental Technology will continue to be oriented by market demand, driven by innovation, and based on manufacturing, taking intelligent manufacturing as the main direction to promote the development and progress of the enterprise, with digital factories, intelligent equipment, and networked supply chains. , supported by green manufacturing technology, through the evolution of intelligent manufacturing units, intelligent manufacturing systems to intelligent manufacturing factories, to create intelligent high-end factories with Sedum characteristics, and become a leading water treatment equipment manufacturer in the manufacturing and processing industry.

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