With the rapid development of animal husbandry, the pollution of aquaculture sewage is intensifying, and its pollution prevention and control is imminent. The integrated aquaculture sewage treatment equipment is a treatment equipment that collects the sewage generated daily by the farm and passes it into the integrated equipment for treatment through several treatment processes.

Our water treatment technologies for the aquaculture market include

  • ▪ Ultrafiltration system
  • ▪ Oxygenation system
  • ▪ Disinfection system
  • ▪ Biological treatment
  • ▪ Liquid separation system
  • Products we can offer

    We can provide customers with MBR integrated equipment and MBR membrane modules (capacity range from 30m3/d to 1000m3/d and other specifications)
    Sedum's experienced team is here to help you choose the right aquaculture water treatment equipment for your needs. We take your water quality into consideration to ensure the right equipment is recommended for your application.

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