Municipal sewage/domestic sewage

Domestic sewage is the main source of pollution after industrial wastewater. In the daily life of human beings, a large amount of domestic sewage is produced every day, mainly feces and washing sewage, which are high in nitrogen, sulfur and phosphorus. Under the action of anaerobic bacteria, odorous substances are easily generated. Allowing domestic sewage to be discharged directly will not only cause the water body to be black and smelly, but also affect the water source and threaten human health.

Our advantage

Sedum's MBR integrated equipment adopts fully automatic PLC control + remote operation and maintenance module, which is convenient for operation and maintenance and later technical tracking; the integrated equipment has the characteristics of low construction work, convenient installation, and quick commissioning and startup. It is transported to the site by pipeline connection. Can be put into use quickly.

  • Domestic sewage treatment method

    Commonly used domestic sewage treatment methods include biological treatment, chemical treatment and physical treatment. The organic components in the domestic sewage are relatively high, BOD5/CODcr≈0.5, and the biodegradability is good. Therefore, it is the most economical to use the biological treatment method to greatly reduce the organic content in the sewage. Through the complete domestic sewage treatment process, it can be divided into pretreatment (physical filtration), secondary treatment (biochemical), and for those requiring reuse or higher quality of discharge water, advanced treatment is required after the above process, such as MBR .

  • Products we can offer

    Integrated domestic sewage treatment equipment is widely used in residential quarters, restaurants, schools, mines, factories and other units due to the advantages of less structures, small investment, short construction period, and flexible operation and management, especially in some poor and remote sewage pipes. In areas where the network is not developed, it plays the role of a small sewage treatment plant. We can provide customers with MBR integrated equipment and MBR membrane module : capacity availability (capacity range from 30m3/d to 1000m3/d and other different specifications)

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