ACEwater Singapore

Singapore Kranji Reclaimed Water Plant Membrane Unit
partner company: Singapore 
Construction time: August 2016
Daily processing volume: 80,000 tons/day
Processing technology: UF ultrafiltration + RO reverse osmosis + UV ultraviolet
Sedum film group: 5 sets/100 UF; 9 sets/216 RO
Background of the project: In order to solve the problem of water scarcity, Singapore has established a number of water recycling plants since the 21st century, which converts the treated wastewater into potable water to supplement Singapore's drinking water supply. The reclaimed water plant mainly adopts UF ultrafiltration + RO reverse osmosis + UV ultraviolet treatment process, and the effluent standard is even higher than that of tap water. The Kranji Water Plant was put into service in 2003 and was one of the first two NEWater plants to be established. Our company provided the third membrane replacement in 2016.

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