Beijing Qinghe Reclaimed Water Plant

Beijing Qinghe Reclaimed Water Plant
Construction time: April 2018 to present
Daily processing volume: 550,000 tons/day
Processing technology: Pretreatment + UF ultrafiltration
Sedum film group: 40 sets / 80 ultrafiltration units
Background of the project: Qinghe Reclaimed Water Plant is located in Qinghe Town, Haidian District, Beijing. It covers an area of 40 hectares and has a processing capacity of 550,000 tons per day. It was the largest reclaimed water plant in China in 2013. After advanced treatment, the water quality meets the requirements for reuse, and it provides municipal miscellaneous water for urban greening and toilet flushing in residential areas to Haidian District and some areas in Chaoyang, as well as regular replenishment and water replacement of river and lake water systems, especially for the Olympic Games. Supplementary water for landscape water bodies on the water surface of the park.

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