Shaanxi Environmental Protection Industry Group

Shaanxi MBR emergency skid-mounted equipment
Construction time: December 2020
Daily processing volume: 1000 tons/day
Cooperation mode: Equipment design, production, installation and debugging
Processing technology: Pretreatment grill+MBR
Matching model: JT-MBR-1000T/D
Processing effect: GB18918-2002 Grade A Standard
Background of the project: The project party, Shaanxi Environmental Protection Industry Group, commissioned the design and processing of emergency skid-mounted equipment used to improve the treatment effect of the tail water quality of the project. It is designed and manufactured with the standard road transport box structure size. Sedum Environmental Technology innovatively adopts the upper and lower modules according to the actual project. The construction method solves the problems of rapid connection and leakage of pipelines and installation difficulties in the process of vertical arrangement. The project scale is 1,000 tons/day, and the maximum full filtration flux is 3,000 tons/day.

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