ACEwater Singapore

Oil tank cleaning wastewater treatment equipment
Daily processing volume: 80 tons/day
Processing technology: Physical oil skimming + coagulation air flotation
Background of the project: According to regulations, the waste water produced by the cleaning of Stort oil tanks can only be discharged after being treated and meeting the discharge requirements of the industrial park.The wastewater treatment equipment is jointly designed by Sedum Environmental Technology and Singapore ACEwater (water treatment company),and Sedum Environmental Technology manufactures chemical wastewater cleaning equipment.
Because the wastewater contains high oil and high alkalinity; therefore, according to its characteristics, Sedum Environmental Technology uses a high-efficiency oil skimmer in the pretreatment to remove and collect the visible floating oil, so that the organic matter is greatly reduced. Before the wastewater enters the coagulation and air flotation unit, the pH sensor is tested and fed back, and the pH value is automatically adjusted to between 7.5-8.5. Coagulant and flocculant are added. Under the action of dissolved air and water, the pollutants in the water will be scum. The form is separated from the clean water, and the effluent is clear and transparent, which meets the local discharge water quality requirements.

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