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Autoilets intelligent integrated mobile toilet

Intelligent integrated mobile toilet

Product Brief:

Autoilets container type intelligent and environmental protection integrated mobile toilet is one of the new mobile bathroom series products researched and developed by Sedum Environmental Technology Company. , and can be combined in different forms to achieve functional expansion and extension, and more humanized design.

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  • Autoilets intelligent environmental protection integrated mobile toilet functions and advantages
    1. Highly intelligent: It has the functions of remote operation and maintenance, automatic disinfection, automatic sanitation and cleaning, and remote non-contact temperature detection reminder functions.
    2. Flexible and Movable: This product is an integrated equipment that can be flexibly moved and highly maneuverable.
    3. Modular installation and maintenance: The structure is simple, and the supporting equipment, disinfection and toilet parts belong to the disassembly and assembly building block design, which is convenient for installation, maintenance and movement. It is highly modular and integrated.
    4. User-friendly functions: built-in light music playback, air purification, long-distance (2 meters) temperature detection function; if abnormal body temperature is detected, the person will be automatically reminded to go to the isolated toilet to use the toilet, reflecting a high degree of humanization , which is beneficial to the hygiene of the toilet space and the health of the toilet staff.
    5. More energy-saving use: the use of light-transmitting skylights and energy-saving toilet parts, manure and sewage can be treated quickly and efficiently, and can be recycled. It not only saves water resources, but also saves electricity.
    6. The product has high aesthetics: the exterior of the product is beautiful and generous, and the interior space is elegant and sophisticated, giving people a comfortable, pleasant, high-end atmosphere, like a beautiful landscape.
    7. Small footprint and more random combination: The product occupies a small footprint, and can be used alone or in combination, and can also be integrated and integrated, with various combinations, which can greatly reduce land occupation.
    8. Selected materials, sophisticated craftsmanship: A good product is a work of art, Autoilets intelligent and environmentally friendly integrated portable toilet, select high-quality materials and parts, and the production process is meticulously crafted to make the product more durable and long-lasting life.

    Application scenarios



    ► Tourist attractions, squares, parks, streets, stadiums
    New residential areas, large infrastructure construction sites, field mines
    Stations, docks, highway service areas, gas stations, airports
    Densely populated public places, epidemic prevention and disaster relief sites, and water shortage areas

    Process drawing

  • Size 9000*3000*3000 (customizable) Exterior style and color matching
    Can be customized according to customer needs and application needs
    Style Box
    Color Blue and white (optional)
    Power supply Mains 220V/50Hz; solar power supply Either one or a combination of both
    Flushing method Infrared induction automatic flushing + foot flushing Optional
    Applicable environment -40℃~50℃ /
    Decorative material The floor adopts non-slip aluminum alloy floor;
    The toilet partition is made of honeycomb aluminum plate, which has the advantages of fire prevention, anti-corrosion and anti-collision;
    Toilet interior
    Wash area Features two stainless steel/ceramic wash basins, a cosmetic mirror, soap dispenser /
    Urinal area (men's toilet) Features two stainless steel/ceramic vertical urinals
    Size: 600*600*1500 (bezel height)
    Squatting area There are 9 independent toilets in the men's toilet, the size of the toilet: 1020.5*1100*2173;
    The women's toilet has 10 independent toilets, and the toilet size is 1020.5*1100*2173;
    Lighting system
        1. Use human body detection sensor and light sensor data for intelligent control, turn on when there are people, turn off when there is no one, and control the number and duration of lights according to the real-time lighting environment.
        2. Install the intelligent lighting time control module to remotely control the lighting time during the day and night.
        3. General lighting: the lights are manually controlled by people.
    Basic Disinfection System
        1. Ultraviolet sterilizer: UV sterilizer is installed in each toilet room, which is controlled by an intelligent system and automatically turns on disinfection when no one is in the toilet room to ensure that the toilet room is clean and tidy.
        2. Automatic hand sanitizer: It is placed at the entrance of the toilet or in the hand-washing area, which is convenient for users to use before and after going to the toilet, and avoids the spread of diseases caused by the user's contact with public goods.
    Deep disinfection system     Set up a spray disinfection system, each toilet is equipped with a spray port, and the spray disinfection is set in the early morning hours. When the spray disinfection is turned on, the toilet is in a suspended state, and the warning light at the entrance of the toilet will light up, and a warning sign should be installed at the entrance to indicate Disinfection time and deactivation time. Optional
    Sewage treatment system     Including pulverizer, anaerobic zone, aerobic + MBR membrane unit, ultraviolet sterilizer and clean water tank, etc. After the wastewater from the toilet is treated by the sewage treatment system, the quality of the effluent water is good, and it can reach the reuse standard and be used as water for flushing toilets. /
    Floor automatic flushing system     An automatic water spray device is installed in the toilet room, and the floor is cleaned through a timing device. The cleaning time is 15 minutes. After cleaning, the ventilation system is turned on to accelerate the drying of the floor. /

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