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Sedum Environmental Technology has been rated as "National High-tech Enterprise" for 6 consecutive y


Sedum Environmental Technology is a pioneer in China's integrated water treatment equipment, with various R&D innovation capabilities and patented products. The brand advantage of Sedum Environmental Technology is impressive.

01 Sedum Environmental Technology has been recognized as a "National High-tech Enterprise" for 6 consecutive years, and has a high reputation and good reputation in the environmental protection industry; among many domestic environmental equipment enterprises, the number of national high-tech enterprises certified is no more than 5 %, it can be seen that the status and advantages of Sedum Environmental Technology are very prominent.

02 Sedum Environmental Technology attaches great importance to brand image and brand reputation, and has been rated as a "contract-honoring and credit-worthy" enterprise for many years; as a project supporting custom unit, Sedum Environmental Technology attaches great importance to contract performance. Even in the face of unfavorable circumstances for the company, it can insist on operating in accordance with the contract, even if the company suffers from it.

This working principle of attaching great importance to contract performance and attaching great importance to corporate reputation and credit is one of the important reasons why many companies are willing to cooperate with Sedum.

03 Sedum Environmental Technology has participated in public welfare and charity activities for many times and won the title of "Caring Environmental Protection Enterprise"; Sedum Environmental Technology knows that being an enterprise is like being a human being.

Therefore, enterprises must sell products and build brands, and at the same time, they must not forget the social responsibility of enterprises and the transmission of love.

When enterprises carry out public welfare actions through various donations and charitable activities, the sense of responsibility and social responsibility of enterprises will naturally come to the face.

04 Long-term project cooperation with many industry giants (BASF, CITIC Environment, Boten Environment, etc.), Sedum Environmental Technology is highly recognized by the partners; Operators of various environmental protection products provide high-quality project supporting services.

This positioning is the company's consistent, is always adhere to the point.

05 Sedum Environmental Technology is a director unit of Guangdong Environmental Protection Association and a member of China Environmental Protection Industry Association.

06 As one of the most influential brands of environmental equipment in China, Sedum has an advanced brand concept and a well-known brand reputation. As a cutting-edge brand in the environmental equipment industry, Sedum Environmental Technology builds its brand through online promotion, achieves its brand through online + offline integration, and shakes up the market through its integrated actions of manufacturers.

07. The brand name is highly consistent with the company's mission. "Lucid waters and lush mountains are more beautiful, and thousands of miles of clear skies are more blue." Therefore, the word sedum is particularly easy to remember, and the brand value has been greatly improved, and the business philosophy is advanced.

08. Sedum Environmental Technology has a rich product line. There are many new products on the market every year, which constantly injects fresh blood into the market and brings more benefits to partners. Sedum Environmental Technology goes all out to build a high-quality brand in the industry, promote the concept of brand environmental equipment, and make franchisees have a more sense of brand acquisition.

09. Sedum Environmental Technology provides partners with a full set of high-quality project cooperation services, such as technical support, communication and collaboration, personalized program customization, technical exchange, program optimization, etc. By providing high-quality services and cooperation, it can improve the business confidence of partners and project parties, and also enhance the company's brand service capabilities.

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