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Sedum Environmental Technology: Highly integrated, intelligent, modular, and movable as a whole


As a well-known high-tech enterprise in the industry, Sedum Environmental Technology has many "unique secrets". The first to bear the brunt is the new thinking, new cognition and new manufacturing concept of Sedum Environmental Technology in equipment manufacturing.

Whether a company develops well, whether an enterprise operates well, and how an organization can better adapt to the macro environment and market demand, there must be a university question.

The new thinking, new cognition and new concept of Sedum Environmental Technology are its high-level summary of the development trend of the industry, its precise grasp of the characteristics of market demand, and one of the best applications of its innovative thinking. .

The leaders of Sedum Environmental Technology know that only by combining high integration, intelligence, modularity and mobility, through the combination of manufacturing and intelligence, through the improvement of manufacturing processes and the reshaping of consumption scenarios, by bringing Consumers have more and better consumption experience. By bringing more advantageous products and services to customers, enterprises can maintain their youth and vitality forever.

In the face of the new Industry 4.0, some companies stick to the rules, some companies remain the same, some companies follow the rules, and some companies stay the same.

However, with the courage of continuous innovation and continuous transcendence, Sedum Environmental Technology is not only changing the enterprise itself, but also promoting the development of the industry by actively seeking changes.

01 The interpretation of highly integrated thinking in Sedum Environmental Technology

Integration, as the name implies, is to bring certain functions together, rather than a single device and a function.

What are the benefits of integration? It is through scientific integration that more functions can be integrated into one furnace, more advantages can be echoed, and more functions can be integrated into one.

Sedum's equipment manufacturing thinking, the top one is integrated thinking, and it is highly integrated thinking.

What is the difference between high integration and integration?

It is because high integration stands in a higher dimension, a higher perspective, and a higher position.

Through scientific organization, careful design, and systematic improvement and optimization of product process and technical process, high integration integrates more high-end technologies, shows more powerful product functions, and shows more prominent product advantages.

For example, the integrated water treatment equipment of Sedum Environmental Technology is an outstanding representative of high integration thinking.

As a kind of innovation and creation, Sedum's integrated water treatment equipment brings new improvement and optimization to the integrated equipment through a high degree of automation, scientific, rational and compact system integration.

Sedum's innovative integrated water treatment equipment, comprehensive use of control theory, rational and scientific combination and integration of electronic equipment, instrumentation, computer software and hardware technology and other technologies, making the product an excellent representative of high integration, greatly reducing the footprint area, improve the overall performance of the equipment, improve the durability and durability of the product, and make the maintenance and operation of the product simpler and easier.

Not only in terms of water treatment equipment, but also in terms of the close integration of photovoltaics and building integration, Sedum Environmental Technology's highly integrated thinking will bring new breakthroughs and new creations in photovoltaic module products.

02 Application of Intelligent Thinking in Sedum Environmental Technology

In contemporary times, the intelligence of equipment is a standard feature of most products.

If the equipment produced by the company is not even intelligent, then the equipment will be classified into the traditional, low-energy and inefficient fields.

With the extensive use of robots, the further expansion of intelligent production lines, and the ubiquity of intelligence in production, manufacturing and product use, the intelligentization of industrial equipment, especially equipment products, requires not only intelligent , and requires both humanization and simplicity, requiring the human-machine interface to become more friendly and natural, suitable for the usage habits of users and operators, and bring higher efficiency.

All products of Sedum Environmental Technology have made in-depth explorations in the interpretation of intelligence.

Whether it is an integrated water treatment equipment, an intelligent epidemic prevention integrated mobile toilet, or a new photovoltaic building-integrated product, all have intelligent functions.


Intelligence is always accompanied by automation, with highly reliable remote control, and with the philosophy of fast, timely, precise and strict control. Sedum Environmental Technology's series of products, of course, is even more so.

The data transmission and control system of the integrated containerized water treatment equipment of Sedum are all carried out and controlled automatically, with a high degree of automatic operation and self-service operation and maintenance, without the need for special personnel on duty.

The high intelligence of Sedum Environmental Technology series equipment not only brings about peace of mind in maintenance and operation, but also improves the efficiency of use, brings higher quality and higher appearance of the equipment, and makes the equipment both beautiful in appearance and modern technology. Midea's highly integrated intelligent products.

03 Modularity, new product production and manufacturing logic

Sedum Environmental Technology strongly promotes modular production and manufacturing processes.

Modular production is an equipment manufacturing system with high design flexibility and thorough industrialization.

Through the modular manufacturing process, the components of the product are assembled like building blocks, which are easier to combine, form more compact, more stable, and easier to integrate advanced technologies, reduce equipment maintenance costs, and improve the level of automated production.

Modular production also makes it easier to achieve high standards of quality control. On the premise of standardization, the organization of production models is flexible and diverse, taking into account the design of products and the re-innovation of interior space.

Sedum Environmental Technology is well aware that the purpose of modular production of products is to maximize design reuse, and to achieve the best satisfaction of individual needs through a precise number of modules and components.

The modularization of Sedum Environmental Technology is not only the modularization of design, but also the modularization technology of craftsmanship, the modularization technology of manufacturing, and the modularization technology of delivery and service. For Sedum, the significance of this is to moderately reduce the number of unnecessary parts, reduce deformation design, undertake more orders, and enhance the core competitiveness of the company.

The integrated modular combination of sedum integrated equipment makes the functions of each module work orderly and independently without interfering with each other. If there is a functional failure of an independent module, it will not affect the normal use of other modules. The integrated device can still operate as usual, and it is very convenient to replace the part of the module combination that has the problem afterwards.

04 Movable equipment, more flexible off-site transportation and use

At the time and space scale, movable devices have a dynamic function.

Because it can be moved, it brings a wider range of adaptability, resulting in high reuse of equipment and better adaptation to different site conditions.

The equipment of Sedum Environmental Technology adopts the container-type intelligent and environmental protection integrated design mode, which can be fixed in a specific location, or can be moved as necessary according to actual use needs.

The movable container adapts to the requirements of the construction project. With the large amount of construction work and the increase of construction sites, the relocation of equipment also increases, and the temporary construction cost is also a huge expense, but Sedum's integrated mobile container The equipment is a one-time investment and can be reused, which can greatly save the cost of temporary construction.

During disassembly and transportation, equipment and tools are vulnerable to damage and loss, resulting in losses. Movable containers can be moved together with components and instruments fixed in a specific box, thereby reducing relocation losses.

From the perspective of hoisting, the disassembly and assembly of bulk equipment is cumbersome. When the equipment is hoisted and transported, the single hoisting work of the equipment is cumbersome. Without professional hoisting personnel to direct the hoisting, the danger is high, safety accidents are prone to occur, and the workload is large, which is easy to cause equipment damage and technical problems. The requirements are relatively high.

The movable container equipment can be hoisted and transported at any time, reducing the workload and danger of hoisting, and can be put into work after being placed in place with electricity and water, with rapid efficiency and convenient use.

At present, Sedum's movable container equipment has been widely used in a large number of engineering projects. With the future expansion, the project distribution will be more remote, but the construction period is shorter and the container requirements are higher. The movable container can perfectly meet these needs, conform to the development trend of the industry, and give full play to the comprehensive advantages.

05 Summary

Due to the integration of high integration + intelligence + modularity + mobility, Sedum Environmental Technology's equipment can achieve rapid delivery, quality and quantity, and greatly optimize follow-up services in the production and manufacturing process of products. process.

In the face of different personalized needs of customers, through high integration, through modular thinking, through intelligence to give stronger performance, through mobility to make the device have a dynamic sense of flexibility, so it can be achieved in the shortest time. Lean production of products. Sedum's mature and wise processing and manufacturing thinking and concepts will surely lead the company to achieve greater development.

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