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Membrane Modules in Sewage Treatment——Sedum MBR Membrane Bioreactor


In the field of sewage treatment and water resource reuse, MBR, also known as Membrane Bio-Reactor, is a new type of water treatment technology that combines membrane separation unit and biological treatment unit. According to the structure of the membrane, it can be divided into flat membrane, tubular membrane and hollow fiber membrane.

01 What does membrane module mean?

Membrane module refers to the basic use unit composed of ultra-microfiltration membrane, which integrates water collection and water production nozzle, and is the core component of membrane device.

The unit is "root" when the column form is adopted, and the "slice" is the unit when the sheet form is used.

02 Water collection pipe system

It means that each membrane module water production pipe is connected to it by pipes, pipe fittings and related fixing parts, so that the water production of the membrane module is concentrated together.

03 Membrane frame and spreader

The frame structure made of steel frame is the carrier used by the membrane module.

04Sedum's membrane module has the following main advantages

  (1) MBR membrane can effectively carry out solid-liquid separation, and the separation effect is much better than that of traditional sedimentation tanks.

  (2) The efficient interception of the MBR membrane makes the microorganisms completely intercepted in the reactor, realizing the complete separation of the hydraulic retention time (HRT) and the sludge age (SRT) of the reactor, making the operation control more flexible and stable;

  (3) The concentration of microorganisms in the MBR membrane reactor is high, and the shock load resistance is strong;

(4) MBR membrane is conducive to the interception, growth and reproduction of slow-proliferating nitrifying bacteria, and the nitrification efficiency of the system is improved, so that the MBR system has the functions of denitrification and phosphorus removal, which is superior to the traditional biological treatment process;

(5) The sludge age is long. Membrane separation makes the macromolecular refractory components in the sewage have sufficient residence time in the bioreactor with limited volume, which greatly improves the degradation efficiency of refractory organics. The reactor operates under high volume load, low sludge load and long sludge age, which can effectively reduce sludge discharge;

(6) The MBR membrane process saves the secondary sedimentation tank and saves the land occupation;

(7) The MBR membrane system adopts PLC control, which can realize fully automatic control.

05Application fields of sedum module:

1. High concentration industrial wastewater

2. Wastewater from food factories, animal husbandry and slaughtering

3. Wastewater from beverage factories and wineries

4. Wastewater from dyeing and finishing plants, tanneries and pulp mills

5. Reuse of waste water from car wash plants

6. High-concentration organic wastewater such as pharmaceuticals

7. Renovation of old sewage treatment plants

8. Small water purification plant

9. Reuse of municipal sewage

10. Wastewater reuse in car wash plants and bathing centers


The main technical parameters:

Product name: Immersion curtain membrane module

Product Category: Industrial Membrane Modules

Product Model: NM-MBR-1010

Product Specifications: Dimensions (L×W×H, mm): 571×45×815

Membrane area (㎡): 10

Inner/Outer Diameter (mm): 0.6/1.2

Flux (L/hr): 100-500

Working pressure (KPa): 10-50

Working temperature (℃): 5-45

Working PH: 1.0-10

Membrane material: PVDF hollow fiber membrane

Product structure: simple structure, reasonable design, easy to install and disassemble, easy to clean online or offline.

Product features: high flow rate of purified water, easy cleaning, long life; stable water quality; low energy consumption.

Scope of application: Wide range of applications, suitable for membrane bioreactors and other water quality filtration and treatment processes, domestic sewage, municipal sewage, industrial sewage such as textile, beer, paper, leather, food, chemical and other industries.

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